Idea: is an application that provides short tips and tricks of different programming languages.

Note: This is just a design solution for the .


In the 21st century, other than entertainment, food and sex, everybody loves to code. Everybody loves to be called as nerds,geeky. A child who cannot understand simple things is writing complex codes. It is just a beginning of a new era of digital intelligence. Every nerdy child is just a next curious programmer who just want to dig every corner of the programming world. So, to meet the curiosity of these nerdy people we come to an idea which can help them with some creativity on programming languages and can show some really cool creative things to aid them in different programming languages.

The TECHTIQUES app will provide some cool tips and tricks for the programmers added by other curious programmers.

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After going through a research process, we found that there are only apps on the playstore to learn different programming with inbuilt editors,compilers. But there are rarely apps present like this one. This motivated us to build a app based on the short tips and tricks for the programmers.


a) Beginner’s — all the kids who are at their beginning levels of learning any programming languages.

b) Curious nerds — all the curios nerds who loves to discover new tricks about different programming languages.

c) Contributors(Experienced Nerds) — one end contributor of the app that regularly add new tips and tricks for the other user.

d) Human Beings — any other person who wants to experience the app.


  • provide a home feed of different languages.
  • provide a short descriptive of the tricks with the code screenshots(if there are any).
  • make an easy navigation throughout the app.

Ideas are good but they need to be transformed into reality.

To make this statement true I have designed the app with basic features and used less transitions so that we can code the first version of the app within few weeks and launch it to get the user feedbacks.

Design Execution

I have a clear vision for the app, I wanted a simple navigation app with features that attract our users so I have decided to divide the app into parts.

  1. Profile part — provides a detail of the user.
  2. Feed part — provide a infinite list of cards of tricks and tips of different programming languages.
  3. Search part — provides a easy search method for the users.

Feed Part

It shows infinite list of cards showing a small title with contributor name and date published. Clicking the card opens the descriptive content of the card with the actions like appreciations,comment, share and bookmarks in the bottom.

By selecting a card from the feed, user can jump onto the main content of the card.

Profile part

There are two profile parts, one for normal user and one for contributor. Contributor will be assigned a mark that represent his status as a contributor to of the app. And normal user has profile with showing number of followers and following.

Search part

Search has been an important part of a product and it needs to be at place which is easily visible, easily accessible and provides a perfect way for better search result. Considering this, I have designed search option with two ways, one is alphabetically sorted list of programming languages and second is topic sorted list like web development, mobile development.

These are the core components of the app which are designed to make the app more engaging and easy to use.

Colors and Typography

I have used only shades of grey and black for the content. And used multiple color for the feed to make cards distinctive from each other.

I have used the ROBOTO font style with BOLD and REGULAR weights.

User Flow

Directly user can navigate through Feed.

New users need to create account or login with facebook and google and they need to select their interest of languages to get the tricks of them on the Feed.

User can change selected languages from the profile screen with EDIT button.

A normal user can only view the tricks uploaded by premium members of the app. Any user can become a premium member of the app. A premium member can contribute to the app with their tricks and tips of different programming languages and they can save other tricks for offline view.

Final UI screens

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