Does anyone know a good piece of software which software engineers / testers / etc can use to do either (1) manual or (2) automated ? It should have the ability to do a of their tests (either manually by starting/stoping OR automated via code/REST API). Ideally the could be uploaded to a youtube style repository (SaaS product or installed product) where they or other team members (e.g. testers, engineers, managers, etc) can log in and see videos of runs of previous tests. Ideally videos could be marked for review so management / QA could mark accepted / declined which would result in the software going back to engineering and the cycle repeated. Ideally for a test you could see the history via a series of videos. Also, interested in screen capture for not only browser testers but also used for any UI software.

Also, very interested if the screen video capture can be controlled by a REST API.

Bit of a brain dump there but does anyone know of a piece of software which can achieve this?

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