Every day we hear news about AI used in healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, customer analysis, retail, market research and so on. We hear how it can help in various ways in these domains; yet people are skeptical about it. There are valid reasons for this as AI is a black box and needs to be trained by humans with proper input/output combinations we call “Training Set”. We don’t have any control on how the AI will work and what kind of inferences it can come up with based on the training set we feed it.

Currently, there is another field where AI is becoming super popular i.e There have been many advancements in software testing from tools, frameworks and processes but one thing which is definitely impacting the software testing world is the use of AI to solve different problems related to testing.

The above being said what are your thoughts on using AI for software testing? What do you think will be super beneficial for testers because of AI? What do your fear most about it?

Was curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r/QualityAssurance/comments/92fk93/using___in_software_testing/


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