GALAK-Z: Variant Mobile is not most -RPGs. It has all the RPG stuff, such as leveling up, building teams, and so on, but it doesn’t scrimp on the part of the equation, with dogfights in space that will test even the most experienced arcade enthusiasts.

The single-player campaign features a staggering 100 stages, split across multiple character-filled chapters. You’ll travel deeper and deeper into enemy territory killing pirates, Imperial soldiers, and Dark Boss bots in pursuit of salvage and relics.

You control either a mech with a gigantic deadly laser sword or a ship with an equally deadly laser cannon. One is a close-quarters brute, the other a nimble ranged attacker.

The levels meanwhile all take the form of enclosed, cavern-like environments filled with enemies and other hazards, such as lakes of lava and giant terrifying worms that shoot out of the walls and drag you into their lairs.

Your aim every time is to kill enemies and claim the salvage they leave behind. This then goes into upgrades. You also need to kill bosses and claim their relics, which you can decrypt for other goodies.

Combat is truly tricky, because your enemies really know how to dogfight. They place their shots in front of you, so that you blunder into them if you carry on moving in the same direction. This forces you to fly incredibly deftly — not easy when you’re also trying to annihilate everybody.

On top of a complex, tightly balanced RPG economy and some cracking arcade gameplay there’s an asynchronous multiplayer element to enjoy. Whenever you like you can launch an attack on another player, going up against an AI-controlled defense team that somebody has put in place. Of course, that also means your own defense team can come under attack. It’s also worth noting that there are Bot Battles to enjoy too, as well as the chance to compete with friends.

We’ve played a lot of mobile action-RPGs in our time, but this is the first one that nails combat as well as the RPG stuff. It’s well worth checking out.

You can grab GALAK-Z: Mobile right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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