I am having almost of as a developer and would like to know if I can to without having any in it except for Unit testing ofcourse.

My reasons for moving to testing are as follows:

1) I was stuck in a project for 4 years which had technologies like COBOL, SQL, Unix. I work in an MNC and it was really difficult to shift to anything else.

2) I worked in digital technologies like apigee, wso2, drupal7 for 2 years but couldn’t learn anything properly.

3) I am trying to learn new technologies like React.js so that I can make a move to UI but I feel I don’t have much interest in coding.

As I am planning to move to Canada, I had to leave my job hence taking this opportunity to do something which will interest me and help me in future. So, thought of taking up Software Testing.

I want to know,

1) If I will be able to make a move to Software Testing.
2) If I will be able to get a job in Canada without having any experience in testing.
3) If yes, then how should I go about preparing myself for the interviews so that I can crack it and get a job for sure.

Thank you.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34591/want-to-move-to-testing-after-having-almost-7-years-of-development-experience


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