The world in our century is complex. Everyone has their cradles of smart devices, apps collection, and social media profiles. The human brains flourishing in an over-connected world, nurturing within the sea of apps — always on, always interacting with the screens.

We sleep with our devices, we check them as soon as we wake up. Our smart phones comes with us on our breakfast, lunch breaks, to the dinner table. The endless supply of new content appears on our screens every minute.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Netflix, Reddit, Slack, Twitter, WhateverNews, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Everyone racing for our attention. Every app wants to maximize how much time we spend.

And, we allow any random notification on these apps get our attention. We allow any random social media post to make us feel inferior or bad. We allow any random article to define our beliefs, our feelings, our plans. We allow any random comment to manipulate our thoughts and perceptions. We allow most of the internet things to our emotions, orchestrate our lives.

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