These are the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
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  1. In Python 2, why do lists compare as greater than numbers? And why tuples greater than lists? – [24/3]
  2. Find most efficient groups of pairs – [17/6]
  3. insert data from two lists to dict with for loop – [7/6]
  4. How to get dict of first two indexes for multi index data frame – [7/3]
  5. Python – Delete duplicates in a dataframe based on two columns combinations? – [7/3]
  6. All possible subdivisions of a list – [7/3]
  7. Why is a NumPy int not an instance of a Python int, but a NumPy float is an instance of a Python float? – [7/2]
  8. How can I display all numbers in range 0-N that are “super numbers” – [6/8]
  9. How to generates a list which elements are at a fix distance from a desired list – [6/4]
  10. Why is eval(‘”x27″‘) == eval(‘”\x27″‘)? – [6/3]

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