You — aptitude, interests and mindset

Use research and synthesis techniques on yourself to EXAMINE

what motivates and interests you. What type of product, company and work and life culture do you desire?

what energises you and what zaps your energy.

if leadership or craft is your area of strength. Or if it is a balance of both. What are your gaps in knowledge and stills. What you can do to improve.

what type of work environment suits you. How much variety and consistency you need in you day to day and month to month. What type of people you work well with. What values are important to you?

Shape and support these goals, needs and motivations by PRACTICING

humility and kindness. Accept jobs and tasks that you might not love to gain experience. Take everything in and every opportunity you are given. Listen, learn from your team and do the work.

curiosity of yourself, your teammates, your product, your organisation and industry. What works and where do you and they fail? Reach out to people. Read an article every day.

non — perfectionism. Prioritise the delivery of the product. People are waiting and relying on you to do their work. Sometimes you’ve just gotta wing it. Shipping is one of the joys of design.

confidence in yourself and your skills. Take initiative, gain experience and make decisions.

asking for, receiving, implementing and giving feedback. Understand who to ask and at what stage. Their limitations and your own. Build up a panel of mentors. Prepare an agenda for 1 on 1’s with you manager/coach. This will give you the support to grow.

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