Jorge Arango on episode 29 of the Aurelius podcast

Our guest for this episode is Jorge Arango an information architect, author and designer. Jorge most recently authored the book Living in Information which is about how and places are both different and similar to the information spaces we live in today. He shared a great deal of awesome thoughts around , lessons from architecture in and how language affects the products and services we create.

Jorge and I talked about his book and a lot of the concepts within in. Jorge has a formal background in architecture which was an inspiration for him in writing this book. I was sure to ask him some questions about the similarities and differences between physical architecture and the digital design work we do today. While there’s certainly parallels in process and concept, there’s a lot different between the two and so much we can learn from that. Very interesting stuff indeed.

As a result of that discussion, we naturally went to the topic of design ethics. This is a big deal for Jorge and myself as well. Jorge shared some very important warnings and timeless wisdom for how to create more mindful and ethical design choices in your everyday work. We talked about how so much of the discussion and civic discourse we have is online and that it’s so important that the people building those digital spaces are using that power and responsibility with great care.

I certainly think that it’s a lot easier to make more ethical design and product decisions if you have your finger on the pulse of your customers. The best way to do that is by conducting regular research and feedback sessions with them. If you’re a designer, researcher or product leader looking for a way to store all your user research key insights or nuggets and maybe build a research repository or database, you should check out what we’re doing with Aurelius. We help design and product teams add, tag, organize and search all of their user research in one place to save time and effort in bringing their research insights into every day decisions. You can check it out for a 14 day free trial over at our website

Listen to Episode 29 for highlights with Jorge Arango including:

  • The similarities between physical architecture and UX design
  • Tips we can apply from the process of architecture to digital design
  • How to think about physical spaces to inform the digital information spaces you create
  • Feedback loops in digital information spaces
  • How the rate of change in physical buildings vs. digital spaces has changed our expectations as a culture
  • The ways language greatly impact our expectations and design of digital spaces
  • Design ethics in digital places where civic discourse happens and how we as designers can be more mindful in creating them
Jorge Arango on Episode 29 of the Aurelius podcast

Jorge Arango is an independent information architect and strategic designer. He’s also an author of a few books with the most recent being Living In Information. You can find him at his website

This episode was originally published on the Aurelius blog.

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