I am learning selenium. I am trying to get into more and more automation.

Scenario (example):
We are working in the agile. 2 weeks of sprint. We have a release after every 3 sprint. In our framework we have used hybrid approach (combination of data driven and POM). Every test class having 40 test cases and we have 20 test class, in total of 3 sprint there are 800 test cases out of which we need to select 500 test cases for .

Question: which method we should use

1: using testNG annotation groupBy to give a name as a regression and then create a testng.XML file (or regression.XML) and pass with the group. If yes then how to declare in our XML file?

2: is there any better approach?

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34238/when-and-how-to-do-regression-


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