I had a question for everyone in this subreddit. I’ve noticed that when it comes to testing there are MANY different ways that people approach and execute their tests, but not many talk about where they testing.

What I mean by this is not just when do you finish your test cases and approve something, but what part of the life cycle of a project will you stop testing? I’ve noticed there are those who just go through the cases then are done and move on to the next project. While there are others that will finish the cases, see where they can be improved, improve them, then redo them. They will also move on to look for ways to improve on the processes their team is following, proactively hunt for bugs, and propose new features for their project. They don’t seem to STOP looking for ways to improve what they are working on.

Where do you fall in that? Also do you think there is a place that MUST stop? Also have I missed any kinds of testers out there? These are just the two I notice the most often.

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