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Lou Rosenfeld literally co-authored the book on Information Architecture. He’s the author of several other books, publisher at Rosenfeld Media and organizer of Summit and Enterprise UX conferences. Not to mention, Lou still finds the time to contribute to the larger UX community and speak at events to share his extensive knowledge and experience. He’s recently been focusing pretty heavily on and ResearchOps to help UX teams and product organizations deliver a beautiful product and user experience.

Aurelius Podcast: Episode 21 with Lou Rosenfeld

Lou has been around our industry for a long time and shares with us some very timeless advice about being a practitioner in UX and design. He also shares some really fun stories about way back when this thing we call the internet was just getting started, where IA came from for him and what led him to create a publishing company as well as two major UX conferences. I think you’ll find our chat pretty interesting.

Finally Lou and I got into the topic of growing design and what’s on the horizon to further push companies to be truly customer and research driven. He very kindly mentioned our very own product here at Aurelius in how he sees it helping companies break down the silos of information from user research and customer feedback. For those of you listening that are trying to do just that, I’d invite you to check out what we’re doing — we offer a 14 day free trial with no restrictions for you to check out, just head over to our website.

Listen to Episode 21 for highlights with Lou Rosenfeld including:

  • Lou’s background, the beginning of the internet and how UX/IA all started
  • The stories behind Lou meeting Tim Berners Lee and Larry Page
  • How Lou started Rosenfeld Media, the UX book publishing company
  • The story of the blind men and the elephant and how it applies to building a great user experience
  • DesignOps, ResearchOps and how Lou began major conferences around those topics
  • Lou’s advice for those of us working in large organizations doing UX design

Lou Rosenfeld is the publisher of Rosenfeld Media as well as co-organizer of DesignOps Summit and Enterprise UX. You can find out more about Lou on Twitter.

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