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Being curious and eager to learn is a paramount mindset for a . In this article of mine I mentioned how learning some coding skills could benefit you as a digital designer, but the things to learn during your career are endless.

New technologies, new methodologies, new tools, new disciplines appear on the scene every day. For this reason, being a designer is basically committing to be a student for life, much like a software engineer.

There’s no room for laziness, so if you’re naturally inclined to be starving for new things to fill your head with, you surely have a edge over people who are not.

If, just like me, you’re a full time employee, a dad, a husband (and you love PS4), finding the time to read, listen to podcast, watch videos, etc can be complicated. Lucky for us there’s that thing called “technology” that can help us to access learning materials everywhere, anytime.

Here’s some of the sources I’m using to keep me up to date and to learn new things. In future articles I’ll go deeper into specific resources I’ve found, so follow me.

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