The was the first really good Bluetooth that was usable on mobile devices without root. They aren’t very popular anymore. After all, there are tons of Bluetooth options now, but many are still rocking the old Moga controllers. If you are and you’re looking for some great to go with it, here are the best for the Moga Controller. You can see our review of the Moga Controller in the video above or read it here! The MOGA controller isn’t necessarily relevant anymore. Thus, we don’t expect this list of games to change in the near future.

NBA Jam is definitely one of the best sports games available on Android. It’s a remake of the classic NBA Jam games and operates almost the exact same way. It’s a two-on-two basketball game (with actual NBA players) where you can shove guys around, dunk the ball, and do all kinds of other stuff. On top of the classic campaign mode, you’ll also have access to local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer to duke it out against live opponents. It’s a strong game and EA hasn’t injected in-app purchases yet, so enjoy it while you can!


Terraria has been consistently likened to a 2D version of Minecraft. It has a sandbox style world where you can build things, defeat bad guys, take on bosses, and mine for various minerals. The game takes place in an entirely 2D land that is randomly generated when you start the game. There are over 1360 crafting recipes, 450 enemies, over 100 block types, and dozens of bosses, pets, and environments. It’s a huge game with tons to do.


If we missed any great Android games for the Moga Controller, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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