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are fairly popular these days. The most popular ones have millions of installs and even the smaller ones have loyal fans. The have a specific style of play. They usually have old school, jRPG combat mechanics along with very long story lines, various types of special events, and sometimes there is online multiplayer. However, the hallmark feature of a game is the element. You summon characters with in-game currency or in-game items (often called character pulls or just pulls). You get a chance for super powerful stuff or complete trash. Some are friendlier with this mechanic than others and that helps separate them from the pack. With that in mind, here are the best games ( ) for ! Please note, freemium games change all the time by adding new events, characters, and mechanics. Most of what we have written here should still apply, though. We do have more traditional, console-style RPGs in the widget just below if you want to try those too!

Azur Lane is one of the newer gacha games on the list. It’s also a riff off of the popular Kantai Collection game in Japan. We usually try to give credit to the originals, but Kantai Collection isn’t available in many places outside of Japan. You summon characters like normal, except every character is a girl that turns into a tank. You form flotillas and beat up on the bad guys. The game features over 300 characters, tons of stuff to do, and a lot of the usual gacha game fair. We also hope Kantai Collection eventually makes its way to a full global release.

If we missed any great gacha games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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