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is one of the big four when it comes to North American sports. It’s also quickly rising in popularity. It has embraced new technology much like other sports. You can stream games, find schedules, and follow the sport in all kinds of ways with your smartphone.

Feedly is a news reader. It also makes for one of the better hockey apps. You can follow a variety of sources without downloading their individual apps. That should save you a ton of time, space, and sanity. It’s also useful for basically any other topic as well as hockey. You can conceivably set up your entire news feed in this thing with a little patience. Included is support for phones and tablets. There is also a web interface for your computer. It also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and other places. That makes following the news and sharing it even easier. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Pocket Casts is probably the best podcast app out there. It’s a great way to listen to various hockey podcasts. There are quite a few good ones. They include 31 Thoughts, Hockey Central at Noon, Puck Soup, Biscuits: A Hockey Podcast, and, for you super hockey nerds out there, the PDOcast is outstanding. The app lets you sync between devices as well. It also has a clean interface, no hidden costs, and various other customization options. You can download for offline listening to stream directly. The choice is yours. The app goes for $3.99 and it’s totally worth it.

Twitter is surprisingly good when it comes to hockey and NHL news and updates. Each NHL team has its own Twitter handle. Most of them are run by some really fun people. It’s a great place to see scores, highlights, and hot takes on big news. You won’t get in-depth information on Twitter (no one does), but it’s good for at-a-glance stuff. In addition, most hockey leagues have their own Twitter handles as do most minor league teams. Every hockey writer and personality has one as well. Many of them post highlights, links to news articles, and score updates. Just be careful because there are a bunch of awful people on Twitter.

If we missed any great hockey apps or NHL apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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