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is a broad topic. Tons of people dabble in it as a hobby. However, it’s a perfectly good career when you can find your niche. Most photographers use DSLR cameras and high tech gear for the best possible shots. However, there are many more who lean on their smartphones as well. Phone cameras are good enough for a lot of stuff. Additionally, there are a non-camera that help photographers as well. We’ll take a look at both varieties in this list. Here are the best photography for !

Google Photos is an excellent app for photographers. It offers unlimited storage for your photos. There is a caveat, though. It uploads them in high quality resolution, but not maximum resolution. Thus, those who are very particular about stuff like that may not enjoy Photos. Otherwise, it’s a perfectly good cloud storage space. You can access it from your phone or computer. It has some other features as well. We don’t recommend it for photo editing or anything like that. Otherwise, we can’t find much wrong with it.

Google Photos

Snapseed is probably the best free photo editor on Android. It comes with a variety of both simple and advanced tools. That includes support for RAW files, simple stuff like red eye removal, and tons of stuff between the two. It also has a fairly powerful auto enhancement capability. It works well sometimes, but it usually depends on the photo itself and the type of scene. There are also over a dozen filters for those who like simple stuff. Every mobile photographer should have this app. It’s completely free, after all.


TouchRetouch is an interesting photo editor app. This doesn’t focus on basic stuff like contrast or red eyes. Instead, it lets you remove small imperfections from a photo. We’re talking about telephone wires, people, blemishes on a wall, and more. It works best on minor imperfections. The app doesn’t do well with major changes. However, this is a good way to remove the occasional issue and make photos look a little better. It runs for $1.99 with no additional in-app purchases. It’s definitely a unique photo editor.

If we missed any great photography apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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