best productivity apps for android
The reason smartphones exist is so we can be more productive. They’re like tiny super computers that we keep in our pocket. They connect to the web, let us do work, and we always have them on us. That makes them prime candidates to help us all be a little more productive. There are a ton of options for that can help you be more productive in your life. Let’s take a look at the best for !

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The Google Drive suite of productivity apps. They’re all fantastic. First, you’ll have Google Drive, a cloud storage app with support for literally all file types. On top of that, you have Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These let you take notes and do office oriented work. Finally, you have Google Photos where you can easily store and view photos and videos you’ve taken with your smartphone. Combined, these apps cover virtually any need regarding file sharing, file storage, office apps, note taking apps, and even photo storage. Businesses are going to the cloud every day and now you can too with relative ease. You can purchase additional Google Drive space if you need it.

IFTTT is one of the more interesting productivity apps available on Android. The app allows you to make recipes that tell various apps to do various things at various times. It essentially takes almost any task and makes your phone do it autonomously. This is a must-have for those who use things like smart lights and other IoT devices. Additionally, you can do quick things like auto-save your Instagram photos to Dropbox. It’s powerful, but there is a learning curve. You can find a variety of pre-made recipes with a few simple Google Searches. Tasker is another excellent app for this sort of stuff, but IFTTT is a little easier to use.


Trello bills itself as a virtual sidekick. The idea is to help you stay organized at work and at home. It does this by being a pretty darn good task manager. You can create what are called Boards to help keep your various projects organized and each board allows you to work on one task at a time. The app allows for collaboration with coworkers and friends which makes it great for a work or family environment. It also comes with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Android Wear support. It’s entirely free to use forever. That makes it one of the great productivity apps on a budget.

If we missed any of the best productivity apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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