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Staying organized is one of the toughest things to do. It’s okay if you can’t keep track of it all because most of us can’t either. That’s kind of why to do exist. They can add some organization to a hectic lifestyle and keep you from forgetting important stuff. They also usually work great for stuff like grocery lists and recurring tasks like taking the garbage out every week. There are a bunch to choose from, so here are the best to do list for !

GTasks is a popular and highly rated to do list app and one of the few that adhere to a simple free-paid system. The free version has a ton of features, including the basics along with widgets, quick adding for tasks using voice, and syncing with Google Tasks. If you go pro, you’ll also get batch task adds, a pattern lock for security, and theming. You can even add tasks using Google Now if that’s a thing you like to do. The app even has integration with TickTick (if you use TickTick). It looks good and it works well, especially if you’re in the market for something simple and effective.

Tasks is one of the newer to do list apps. It features a gorgeous UI, plenty of customization options, and a decent set of features. Functionally, it works like most other to do list apps. You simply put in the tasks, add due dates and reminders, and complete the tasks when necessary. Some of the other features include multiple lists, a dark theme, and a simple layout. It doesn’t have more popular features like list sharing or cloud syncing. However, not everyone needs those features. It’s still very much in active development, so check the Play Store to see what’s changed between now and when we update this list again.


Trello is a big name in the to do list game and it’s one of the few options that’s entirely free. At least for right now. It comes with all of the basic features as well as a unique, card-based interface where you create your tasks on “boards”. It also comes with Google Drive and Dropbox support, Android Wear support, collaboration features, and scaling so you can do something as simple as a grocery list or as big as a multi-person group project. The app is powerful, it looks cool, and the price tag is great for a lot of folks. It was purchased in early 2017 by Altassian. We don’t know how that’ll affect it in the long term, but right now it works the same.

If we missed any of the best to do list apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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