Freemium hit like a dump truck. It allowed apps and games to go free with users paying money later if they chose to and it’s been a model that has been dominant. Freemium games make more money than their pay-once counterparts and people tend to download them more often. However, there are many who don’t mind paying for a bigger experience. If you’re one of those people, then we hope you’ll enjoy the non-Freemium Android games!

Crashlands was our pick for the best game of 2016. The game centers around an intergalactic trucker stranded on an alien planet. Your goal is to build him a base, defeat bad guys, and craft items to help him save the day and go home. You can even tame some monsters and use them as pets. It’s a deep game with a large world. There is also tons of stuff to do. The title also comes with cloud saving, RPG elements, and controller support. It’s definitely among the best non-freemium games.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of one of the most popular games ever. The game is completely open and you can do pretty much whatever you want. There are things that can kill you if you put it in survival mode or you can just do whatever you want without trouble in creative mode. It’s not quite as robust as the console or PC version, but updates have been floating in to make it closer. You can also use this to play on servers that aren’t on mobile (as of E3 2016) which is awesome. Technically, this one does have in-app purchases. However, they are for skins and they don’t affect the game at all.

Mini Metro is a fun little puzzle game. Players have to build a transit system for a city. You connect the dots and make the best possible decisions. The game includes 18 real cities to play with, daily challenges, simple controls, and more. You also get three play modes that include an endless mode, a quick play mode, and an extreme mode. It’s a neat little puzzle sim game with a reasonable price tag. The graphics are a little minimal. Some may like it while others may not. It also comes with a colorblind mode and a night mode for late night sessions.

If we missed any of the best non-Freemium Android games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to see our most recently released app and game lists!

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