DNA testing provider has informed that it will be shuttering its public API in two .

Launched in 2012, the was intended to give developers the ability to build apps and tools that took advantage of the company’s genetic data sets. But in an email to developers, the company explained that it’s updating its developer program to “focus on apps that build on the interpretations and results we provide to our customers.” As a result, the which gave developers the ability to access raw data is no longer aligned to the company’s aims. Select researchers will still have access to raw data, and customers who want to make their genetic information available to third-party developers will be able to do so by choosing to upload their data to other services, such as GEDmatch, an open platform for the sharing of genomics and genealogy data.

According to reports, “dozens” of developers have been using the 23andMe API. Going forward, the company says it will work with developers who can “bring added value to customers’ overall experience” by taking advantage of the reports 23andMe generates internally from its data.

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