There were a lot of beautiful and fun released this past year, but these are the that stuck out to me, and maybe didn’t get as much attention as they deserve.

Smash Puck – Semidome Inc.

To some Semidome might be a household name, as they’ve created some hits in the past, but to me Smash Puck was the first game of theirs I’ve played, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The best way I can describe the game is its an arcade version of Curling. You control a puck that you slide around a room trying to knock other pucks into the goal. There are 120 levels and each one teaches you something new. The levels stay fresh and new mechanics are thrown in regularly.

Aside from the game being enjoyable to play, its also fantastic to look at with its striking colors, and the soundtrack is great on it’s own but does a really good job of enhancing the game.

If you enjoy arcade games, or sports games like pool, pinball, or minigolf I would highly recommend you check this game out. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV for $1.99.

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