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Welcome to the 29th edition of ! Here are the headlines from the last :

  • Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost is coming very, very soon. In fact, we know the official launch date now and it’s September 27th. It’s also releasing in the U.S. on that date. That is also new information as the U.S. was not on the docket for the original launch. It should launch in Japan, the U.S., Taiwan, and a few other countries as well. A global release should follow in the coming months. It’s Nintendo, so you can expect us to cover it when it does launch.
  • The Google Play Store got a new feature this week. People can now demo games before downloading them. This feature is available on other platforms, namely Facebook. However, it’s much nicer to demo games while at the place where you download them as well. It uses technology from AppOnBoard. Thus, developers need the proper code in order to make this work. AppOnBoard is offering free trials to developers for this. We’re not sure how many developers will bite, but it’s a neat little feature.
  • Samsung’s S Health is among the best OEM health apps available, but not for much longer. Samsung is removing a slew of features from the app starting today. The big feature on its way out includes connected services, a feature that lets you sync S Health with other health apps. Additionally, the app won’t track stuff like temperature, humidity, and other metrics like that. It’s not the biggest deal ever. However, a lot of those smaller features helped set S Health apart from many of its competitors. Hit the link for more details.
  • YouTube is helping creators give to charity. These new tools make it easier to set up things like fundraisers, charity drives, and other similar activities. Creators simply go through the setup process and start collecting donations for the causes of their choice. The tools are currently in beta and only available to a select few. YouTube expects to show off the new feature in an upcoming St. Jude’s fundraiser with 12 gaming YouTubers with a combined total of 37 million subscribers. It should go pretty well.
  • Fortnite had yet another bad week this week. Google publicized a security issue in the game’s original installer app. Epic Games patched it in two days. They requested that Google hold off on announced the issue for 90 days for security reasons. Google declined for reasons we can only speculate. The bug only affected the earliest versions of the installer and the installer has since been updated a bunch of times. In addition, people are stealing the Fortnite Galaxy Skin from Galaxy Note 9 demo units in various carrier and retailer locations and that’s causing even more problems. Seriously, Epic Games can’t catch a break.

GoDaddy launched a new app recently. It basically lets you do all of the stuff you can do on the website. That includes searching for and buying domain names, basic website management, website performance metrics, and more. They also boast personalized advice, but we didn’t test that feature. The various things that cost money on GoDaddy still cost money here. However, the app itself is entirely free.


Shorty is an interesting and simple app. It lets you pin basically any file to your home screen like an app. You use the app to select whatever you want and then share it. The app creates a shortcut for that file directly to the home screen. There are some light customization options, but it otherwise basically does just this one thing. It also works with URL links. The app is entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads.


If we missed any big Android apps and games news, updates, or launches, tell us about them in the comments! Also, check out our Android Authority Podcast!

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