4. Traffic type

Most tools will allow you to target a device, but also consider whether your heatmap will allow you to view data by new or returning visitor.

When looking at accounts, profiles, sign-ins, sign-ups, special offer banners, seasonal campaigns etc, it may be important to know how different visitors interact. Depending on whether they are a new visitor or perhaps more familiar returning visitor, the heatmap may give you different insight.

It might be that new visitors favour one type of information, but returning visitors come back to the site for a different type of information. How would you be able to tell?

Here’s an example. A B2B website might show some low heat on an account sign-in element suggesting little usage, but if you segmented the heatmap by new and returning visitors, you might find that the heat increases significantly for returning visitors who tend to sign-in to view their accounts and order tracking. It could actually be their number one feature which was made to look unused by the greater percentage of new visitors incorporated into the heatmap.

Be careful grouping new and returning visitors into the same heatmap — if segmented, the heatmap may show very different results

Some heatmapping tools allow you to segment by new and returning visitors while others will not. By using advanced segments in Google Analytics you may be able to determine whether behaviour is different enough to warrant a dedicated heatmapping tool over an all-in-one analytics tool.

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