Created by Jordan Walke, an engineer at Facebook, it was first deployed in 2011 and later became open source a few years later. React is a “learn once, write anywhere” library that has become go-to for many mobile developers.

has been gaining in popularity for one obvious reason: it allows developers to write code across different mobile operating systems. This means that you no longer have to build the same app for iOS and for Android from scratch or specialise in one or the other operating system. Now you can code apps for both platforms with the same powerful JavaScript technologies you use for building web apps.

Here React Native app you can use, from.

Runx is a open source React Native app which help you share your route and analyze your activity.


Golden is a cryptocurrency wall open source that build with React Native. You can store Ethereum and its tokens securely on your devices. Bitcoin and Ripple will be added soon.

Key Features of Golden Wallet:

– Securely send and receive cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.

– Get notification for incoming and outgoing transactions.

– Create or add as many wallet addresses as you want.

– Save frequent used addresses to your address book for peace of mind.

– No registration required, No Name. No ID. No Bank. No Problem!

If you need to convert WordPress or Shopify sites into professional and fully functioning mobile apps quickly and easily, the gikApp React Native mobile app template is ideal.

The developers provide step-by-step video instructions, and if you’re not sure the app is right for you, you can take advantage of the free trial on offer and take it for a test run before you buy.

TechStore is the ultimate React Native template that let you build your shopping cart app for both Android and iOS. With the powerful combination of React Native framework and Shopify integration, your eCommerce app will be up and running in 5 minutes.

With new version, language is will not be a barrier with TechStore. TechStore is full i18n and RTL languages support.

Fashion Store is a versatile React Native template that let you build your own mobile app for your fashion, apparel, clothing retail store, on both platforms: Android and iOS. By using React Native framework and Shopify integration, your trending fashion retail app will be up and running in 5 minutes.

Fashion Store saves a lot of time in design, develop and tweaking your cross-platform app for Shopify m-commerce. Animation, UI/UX are optimized for a clothing retail online shop.

Qribto is the React Native app templates for your WordPress crypto news site. It can convert all your crypto content into a mobile app for iOS and Android within 3 minutes.

Qribto offers the attractive UI/UX with multiple widgets and layouts for your endeavors: be it a crypto content app for crypto investors, an app for a crypto community, or even a native mobile app

React Native Showcase is a really big list of interesting React Native projects, tutorials, articles and more. These apps do not have to be published to the App Store or anything, they are simply here to showcase work from within the community, and to help React Native developers by seeing how others are building and structuring their applications.

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