Meet your HR (And fill out the damn paperwork)

Yeah. Paperwork. I hate it too. But it’s now or never. You might not have time later on and the HR need them ASAP. You know the drill.

It’s also quite interesting to meet with the HR on a regular basis to give some feedback on the . They might not have time. But at least try and meet them the day you begin and maybe 30 later to give your first impressions on the integration process. Hey man, you’re the . Give some feedback.

Time to sharpen your blade.

Meet your IT and explain your needs as a UX: user testing software, dedicated PC/MAC to run tests, sketch, axure, creative suite, slack, VPN duely installed on your machine, mobile and devices available for testing, you name it. Just make sure your boss backs you up on this. Talk to him first before showing initiative. Don’t be a brat.

It might also be badly perceived to ask for too much equipment too quickly. Jealousy and political games between departments can quickly turn your life as a UXer into a nightmare. Yes. I’ve made this mistake in the past. Be discrete. Stay simple. Just be aware you might not have all the desired tools straight away. Be patient.

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