Why do i say I made it for myself?
Well I thought of a when I was in love with the elegance of Rihanna, the swag dope of Drake, the weird vibe of Sia. I didn’t do any research. I’m my own user in this project.
Thus this app was made based on my own experience. As an ex-user of Apple Music and current user of Spotify, I create this app, which consists of features I would like to keep in a music app, and the style of interface I prefer.

But I still got my points

A little bit about myself:

  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Student
  • Device: iPhone, Macbook
  • Songs in library: ~ 300 songs
  • Frequency of use: ~ 5 hours
  • Needs: Discover new music and listen to saved songs. Basic and minimal app for quick access

My app’s user goals:

  1. Listen to and save music
  • Quick way to find a new song I like
  • Build a personal music library/playlist

2. Discover new music

  • Listen to recommended playlists/songs
  • Find songs I may like based on radio recommendations

As a user of the music app, the 3 actions I take most are: listen, save, search. So I created my user flows based on these 3 actions. I did this because Spotify got some features like podcast,… that really distract me, and its usability made me drop my phone many times.

The must-have in any music app
The second must-have oh sorry for the stupid talk
This is not a must-have oh finally. But I need this because I don’t have much time searching for songs and save and search and save.

Based on these user flows, I created an information architecture to have a clearer look into my app.

And here the wireframe comes. Lo-fi wireframe only sorry for my laziness 🙁

And the designs

  1. Home — the place of recommendations

I just keep the recommended playlists, artists and new releases in this screen, I want Home is the screen of one-click-away from music player, to discover new music more quickly.

2. Discover — the place of popular and new music

For me these charts, albums and playlists are all just kinds of playlists so I want to make them look the same so I can get used to the buttons’ positions.

3. Search — simple as its name

a search bar for all results

4. Radio — where you order recommendations

Find your station with similar things to your favorite

5. Library — all of your music to listen offline

Things I think about in library: songs and playlists. But sometimes I’d like to listen to an artists’ songs so I need artists, and album as well

The view mode in songs make it possible to arrange your songs (by download date or by alphabet)

I’m still a student and got a lot to learn, so leave me any feedbacks to help me grow.

Thank you a lottttt.

See full screens here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/70598087/Music-app

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