Hi – I realize this may be a shot in the dark but hoping a few of you may have some thoughts.. apologies in advance for the below brain dump!

Just getting pulled over to “help” a team add some smoke and regression automated tests for a . The is backend only (java) – it essentially takes a file, runs it through a list of shortcuts containing a couple of bat files, which creates additional files by checking for certain conditions, ultimately resulting in the files hitting up against a rule set and storing values in a database.

Their current “” is Excel spreadsheets that contain file paths with an associated “action” class that is pure java – glorified keyword driven .

TLDR – is implementing something like cucumber feasible/worth while?

If nothing else, as an attempt to get away from spreadsheets.. figure the step definitions would be a glorified wrapper on some of the existing “action” classes.

Or would you suggest something else for mostly handling a bunch of different files to run through the same process to ultimately end up doing a comparison of the expected result to the query result?

Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated!

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r//comments/95hi6z/_on__framework_legacy_application/


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