I have been considering going into the QA for some time now. Currently, I work as a recruiter now and just really want to work in a function that actually needs me to be there. Most often HR positions are expendable as they don’t make the company money and the is saturated with talent. I am trying to figure out where to go from here and have been giving QA a lot of thought.

I don’t know how to code other than some light HTML coding that I learned from myspace years ago. I have a Bachelor Arts Degree as well as 5 years of experience working the corporate HR/Recruiting world.

What areas of QA should I focus on? I have heard a lot of buzz about Automation Testers, is that a good route to go? Would you recommend this field? Is there anything that I am not considering about QA? What do you love and hate about your jobs?

I would love to hear back from people who have made a career transition from a non-related field! What were your struggles?

Any tips on getting into the field would be great! I am not opposed to taking online courses or getting a certification.

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