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Charles Max Wood

Special Guest:

In the episode of Adventures in the panel welcome Justin Schwartzenberger to talk about . Justin is a podcaster, product manager, and educator at Narwhal Technologies. Justin talks about his experience working with customers and contributing to the community. Justin discusses the content of his podcast, Air, and how it helps the community learn all about . This is a great episode for learning about other podcast platforms that focus on all things .

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

•What do you do at Narwhal and with Angular Air?

  • Angular Air podcast History
  • Hosting and Topics on Angular Air video podcast
  • Favorite episodes on Angular Air
  • How to figure out what to discuss on the podcast
  • Using the community to figure great topics
  • Competition for listening time
  • Things to learn – Angular Animations, GraphQL, etc.
  • Influences
  • Performances, Character, with the intros and hosting
  • Difficulties and Challenges – Scheduling and finding guests
  • Youtube videos recording and cueing up
  • Dealing with episodes notes on Youtube
  • Views on the Video platform vs. Audio platform
  • What is the future of Angular Air podcast?
  • Automation, Sponsorships, etc
  • What is the present and future of Angular overall?
  • Are people still doing Angular?

•and much more!






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