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What? You should be asking yourself after reading this title, but let me explain to you why am I doing this.

I applied for a job in a company called Startup Guide and, in order to continue in the process, the COO João Mira send me a message asking me to answer some questions so they can know a little bit more about me. So I decided, since Startup Guide is a publishing and media company, to do something different by telling a story and hopefully inspire others to do different things and express themselves without fear.

I would like to start this by asking you all, especially you João, a question. What does Marketing, in this digital and new world, mean to you? For the Startup Guide team, we can discuss that if I get the chance to meet you all, for the Medium community leave a comment and let’s share knowledge.

My first contact with Startup Guide was in LX Factory the first time I went there, and at that time I thought “wow, amazing business model” because it kept my attention and made me look and research more about it on the internet. So as I landed in Lisbon just 2 months ago one of the first things I did was keep updated to any job opportunity with them.

I have a strong motivation — To impact as many people as possible creating Marketing Strategies for the Brands of the future — . One thing that I can guarantee you guys is that I’ll do whatever it takes to keep learning day after day to make sure Startup Guide will always receive the best of me. All my previous experiences led me to be here in Lisbon applying to this job, I followed my intuition and decided to leave Barcelona after graduating in an Executive MBA there and, with retail, Marketing and Startup experiences we can mix some of the best of each world to create amazing strategies for Startup Guide.

We all like to be heard and feel a sense of belonging in every community we are in, but in order to do so, especially in a work environment, we need to give people the freedom to test ideas and not being afraid of failing. With that in mind let’s talk about failure. I’m a kind of a person who thinks we all need to be comfortable with failure because if we’re not failing we’re never going to come up with something innovative. But without the learning part in this process, it becomes extremely dangerous for anyone. I created two startups in Brazil and I failed in both (for different reasons), it was hard seeing all my efforts falling apart, but I always try to see the side of it making sure the knowledge speak up and don’t let me doubt myself. With all the failures I had, I learned a lot about Digital Growth, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategies, and even to manage a team since the last project I worked with I had to manage a team of 4 people.

So, as I learned how to be comfortable with failing I saw a need to taught myself something, and there are two major things I keep practicing in this learning process and is to be optimistic and have emotional intelligence. Back in Brazil people are used to be a pessimist and always see the bad side of every story related to our own country, and being an optimistic there it’s quite hard because people always say I’m not looking to the big picture and/or ignoring our problems. So I taught myself to see and understand problems as opportunities to impact for good, and it still a learning process.

In this process of learning, there is one place that I always come to consume information, Medium, because here I can be part of communities (such as UX Collective), read and share ideas, opinions, articles and a lot of good information and knowledge about all my favorite topics related to Branding, Startups, Marketing, leadership, human behavior, etc. And I have a Muzli Google Chrome extension that always shows me the latest stories around those topics in websites such as TechCrunch, The Next Web, CrunchBase, Mashable, Wired, etc.

Leaving and consuming information in this Startup ecosystem I learned a little bit about what a community is and for me, a community is an always changing environment that needs support and empathy. The good thing about humans is that we’re all different. So to be able to build and sustain a good community we have to rely on the basics of the human interaction system, understanding their needs, hearing, interacting, and making them to feel part of that in some way.

One last thing, I realize Startup Guide still don’t have a presence in Latin America, and one other major way that I can help grow even more the Startup Guide Brand is by expanding it to Brazil and other countries in Latin America. It would be an honor to have this responsibility and work with you guys to guide, empower and inspire people to #startupeverywhere.

Startup Guide Branding —

Hope this little story makes you feel good about trying something new, and João and all the Startup Guide team, I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


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