I have been an Automation Tester for almost all of my career. I did manual testing for about a year or two before switching to Automation.

Over the course of time I got pulled into writing code and totally lost touch with writing . Given a scenario, I can down an automated selenium script just fine using Java. But the problem is I am always writing bad test cases. Either I am missing critical scenarios. Or I am missing edge cases.

This all comes down to an understanding of how testing is done.

Recently during an onsite interview the interviewer asked me several scenario based questions. And he was expecting the correct terminology usages. For example, I explained a edge case scenario without using the term edge case, which triggered several questions where he wanted me grasp terms similar to edge cases. Also he wasn’t really impressed with the test cases I came up with.

I am looking for a book which deals with how to design test cases based on scenarios.

I understand not everything can be put into but there has to be something which comes close.

Any suggestions?

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