A year or two ago, my employer’s existing system was nearing the end of its licence period, and I was tasked with evaluating as a possible replacement. I spent about a month recording tests, writing test scripts, and generally trying to pick at ’s flaws.

For the most part, EggPlant could do whatever we needed it to. As others have said, it was image-recognition based, so tests tended to break when the AUT’s interface changed, but because it allowed image masking and fuzzy image recognition and (more importantly) could read text if given the font, it was possible to write tests that had non-zero tolerence to change, and which could be updated with relatively little effort when compared to some other image recognition-based automated testing systems out there.

That said, Eggplant did have two significant flaws when I was evaluating it. The first is that it was a very mac-based piece of software. That’s not a problem on its own, of course, but it was the Windows version of the that I was examining, and most of its features and interface were designed for a Macintosh operating system. I’m not just talking about on the machine running the AUT, either: The EggPlant user interface, itself, used Mac UI conventions, which are markedly different to those of Windows. It tended to be a little confusing.

EggPlant’s second significant flaw was that it was full of crippling bugs. To be fair, when we mentioned these bugs to TestPlant support they were fixed quite rapidly, but the sheer frequency with which showstopper bugs were appearing made it impossible to use the tool without being constantly distracted.

(I should stress that these two flaws may well have been fixed by now. The Windows port of EggPlant was brand new when I was looking at it, and many of the bugs and quirks of the system were probably teething problems.)

In the end, we ended up not using EggPlant, but that was because of the mostly windows-specific flaws I’ve described above. I imagine that if I’d been running the tool on a Mac, I’d have had a much more positive impression of its capabilities.

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