1) Store your urls, and data somewhere (like xml, text file, excel or in other class)

2) At start of your test read them

3) test, but catch problems and Store fail / pass for each url, unless you want test to break at first error

heres a simplified pseudo example i think id write to do what i think you want to do:

list getUrlFromFile(file){

    //Get urls from file somehow

    return list


void TestMethod(){

    list Url = getUrlFromFile();

    list Passed = new list;

    for each (string url in Url) {

        try {

            //Go to url

        catch (problem){

            //log problem
            //skip and continue for next url        


    //Assert Length of Passed = Length of Url, otherwise test failed

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/24916/how-to-run-same-test--of--on--different-url-domain


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