Unfortunately there are multiple reasons why the may not . So it is really hard to give just one right answer for the issue you are facing. But there are some things you could try to troubleshoot the issue.

  • OPTION 1– Are you having the same problem from the Appium GUI and also the command line? Remember they are not the same. You could do something like this to run the appium server from the command line

appium -a -p 4723 –session-override -dc “{”noReset”: ”false”}”

If you are able to run your test via the command line then you can try restarting the Appium GUI or uninstall and re-installing it.

  • OPTION 2– Make sure you kill all the appium processes before trying to run the server. Do the following from the command line

ps -ax | grep appium

Once you get the process id number using the above command. You can do this

kill (process id number)

This will ensure all instances of appium are closed. Then you can start fresh

  • OPTION 3– Finally you can try uninstalling and re-installing the appium server from the command line by doing the following

npm uninstall -g appium

npm install -g [email protected](version number of appium. E.g- 1.4.11)

Then do,

npm cache clean -f

Then, try restarting the appium server

Hope this helps.



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