As we head into September, the season inevitably evokes that back-to- feel, even for those who’ve long since hung up their college diploma. Since design is a field that is constantly evolving, it’s almost as though ’s never out. There’s always something new to be learned, an uncharted path to take, skill to explore, or style to discover.

So whether you’re heading back to design school or experimenting with experience design for the first time, learning industry-leading prototyping software like Adobe XD will enhance your design skills exponentially. Here’s everything design students and hobbyists alike need to boost their UX skills this semester.

Download for free

First and foremost, download Adobe XD if you haven’t already. The free starter plan includes an active shared prototype, 2 GB of cloud storage, access to hundreds of free Typekit fonts, and more, so you can get started right away.

Tip for design students: Students from accredited secondary and postsecondary schools are eligible to receive significant discounts on full Adobe programs, including XD. Visit our students page here to find out if you qualify.

Where to start

If you’re already proficient in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, navigating XD will feel like catching up with a friend. One of XD’s greatest features is its power to import files from Photoshop and Illustrator and transform them into wireframes and interactive prototypes. Start by opening a .PSD file in XD and watch as your layers evolve in functionality. For more tips, check out this guide on everything a Photoshop user needs to know to get started in Adobe XD.

Design students, this guide on everything you need to set yourself up for success with Adobe XD takes things a step further by providing insight into building great user interfaces and rounding up the best XD features for students to know. It breaks things down so the program feels less overwhelming.

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