One of the most exciting additions to Adobe XD to date — — has been unveiled in the October release, unveiled during Adobe MAX 2018’s keynote address in Los Angeles. It makes XD the first and only UX/UI platform to seamlessly connect screen and voice prototyping in one app.

The new feature includes voice triggers and speech playback, and combined with Auto-Animate, can be used to create high-fidelity prototypes for web, mobile, and voice-based devices that use the likes of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

“Voice, as a form of interaction, is increasingly becoming a part of digital experiences across lots of different surfaces,” explained Mark Webster, director of product at Adobe, who focuses on voice integration for Adobe XD.

“Whether it’s voice search in a mobile app, speech playback as part of an in-car navigation system or retail kiosk, or a new app for a voice service, designers need access to the medium of voice, so they can , prototype, and share their work. We decided to integrate voice with an easy, straightforward approach that feels natural within XD. If you can drag a wire and type some text, you can now work with voice.”

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