Using C#, Chrome, grid and parallel tests, I have been unable to find any solution to bypass pop up.

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I don’t see this question as duplicate because all answers are extremely outdated or one of below hacks:

username:[email protected] works, kind of, but our site acts odd with this kind of bypassing auth

AutoIt scripts or windows automation do not work because there is no way to use it on remote test execution machine with selenium grid

Browser extensions do not work because Chrome acts weird and there is no way to call parallel browsers unless they are ‘clean’ browsers. As far as I know that is.

  IAlert alert = d.SwitchTo().Alert();

  Alert.SetAuthenticationCredentials(name, pass);


Does not do anything: wd/hub/session/0921b245-39cd-4a1d-99f7-76a5c1964550/alert_text Timed Out error. System.Net.WebException : The operation has timed out

IAlert alert = d.SwitchTo().Alert();


Same error.

Is there any way to this?

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