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I was walking down the street when I saw a sign for Madrid Central, honestly when I saw it I didn’t pay any attention to it. But the next day when I got up, I saw a twitter thread about the theme in which the photo was the logo I saw the day before. That caught my attention, when I finished reading it the first thing I thought is that they are going to do like in Pontevedra. They are going to ban cars in the city center and I thought about how all those people were going to do to be able to park in the city center.

That’s where the idea came to me of being able to share your personal parking space for a predetermined time. To give you an example would be a service like airbnb (being able to rent houses for a while) but with particular garages.

The parking problem

  • An important fact is that more than 18% of the vehicles that circulate in the Spanish streets do so because they cannot find a place to park. This is what is known in the sector as “agitation traffic”.
  • Each square generates profits on the economy of its immediate surroundings of about 35 or 40 euros a day for companies in the vicinity but it can also be estimated that the car parks or garages themselves are service providers.
  • We spent about 100 days of our lives looking for a parking space.
  • Large European cities are closing or taxing city centres.
  • 1/3 of the time of European cars is spent looking for a parking space.


The first question I asked myself was: How can you open the door from your mobile phone? Researching different solutions I chose a company called Iomando which has an api that fully solves my problem and could be implemented in the future app.

Infographics of how the Iomando api works

My second question was: Is the public interested in this application?

I did a survey from which I got these results:

  • 65% of people would be interested in being able to rent places from private individuals.
  • 55% of owners are interested in renting their place when it is free
  • 45% of people use app to pay garage/parking meter/SER

During the project, I was asking friends and family in a relaxed way about this idea, as I did not want to do interviews because it is an idea that right now in Spain is in the process of adaptation and very few people know this model. From those talks I got several ideas:

  • High interest in being able to rent parking spaces to individuals.
  • They are worried about the security of who could occupy their place.
  • Possibility of exchanging your parking space with another user.
  • Putting electricity stations in parking spaces.
  • Method of payment/collection.
  • There is a growing demand for the rental of parking spaces from private individuals.

Doing Netnologia I confirmed the growing demand for private parking space rental. Since in Milanuncios several advertisements are published with people who rent their parking space by the hour, there I thought a specific app for those people who would be interested in being able to rent their private parking spaces by the minute/hour.

Example of advertisements that rent parking spaces by the hour

I followed the investigation with a Benchmarking focused on the situation of in Spain. I discovered several companies that are implementing this concept in the future or pivoting their business model towards this idea. It also helped me to show me what my differentiating element was: Reserve by the minute and be able to see the availability of any garage space at any date and time.

  • To this day The Parking if you have to reserve and rent a particular place but I focused only on their apps not on their websites

To be able to empathize more with the user of my future app I made two user person and a customer journey to see which would be the pain points and to be able to solve them or improve them.

To finish with the research I made a business model canvas. It is an instrument that facilitates understanding and working with the business model from an integrated point of view that understands the company as a whole. It helped me to clarify my ideas and where my business model would have to go in the end.

Style guide

For the name of the app I put Parkare which is a mixture of the words parking and share.

The colors are a range of blues to make a reminiscence of the parking signal but give it a more current touch.

The logo is typographical with the Lemon typeface. For the typographic body use Cabin which is a very legible typography for digital. Use an 8-point grid to place the elements in Sketch.


To establish the structure of the project, first create a Information architecture of what the application would look like and what the menus would look like and how all the information would be structured and see what the user’s journey would be like. When I had everything clear I made a wireflow of the screens that I was going to do at half fidelity to clarify the placement of all the elements that each of the screens was going to have.

Diagrama de flujo

Pantallas finales

Conclusions and the future

In a few years the problem of parking will continue to increase. This could be one of the possible solutions. All interviewees thought it was a good idea and some companies are already focusing on this business.

In the future of the application, recharging points would be set up for electric cars, there are more and more electric cars and more recharging points will be needed. Take it to neighboring communities (mini car parks) companies, hotels. Places that are free and that can be used by these companies to make an extra profit.

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