At the present world everythings are realiable on one another,either it’s for surviving or it’s for working.One has to take help from another to complete it’s task.

As we dicussed about the defination,Now its time to move on to the second step of explanation which is of the . structure has been calssified into two types:-

  1. simple data structure and
  2. compund data structure.



So from the above diagram,
As you saw,The boss have 5 ruppee for the employees as per according to their work.Employee 1,Employee 2 and Employee 4 have given with Rs 1 for which they have only less possibility to spent on them or spent on any other single thingh.where as for employee 3,the boss have given him Rs 2 through which he has posibility of spending money on him or spend it on two more ways thus from this:-

simple data structure are:- Employee 1, Employee 2 and Employee 4 where as
compound data structure is:- Employee 3

Now some briefly touched and clearly explain example of the calssification the data structurE:-


if you compare this with the above example classification are as follow:-
simple data structure:- ID,age,gender where as
compound data structure:- name,address

simple and compound data structure have the futher classification which seems to be a storage point of the data.The data which user want to store and organises have some specified location which are in the form of dimensions and structure.

simple d.s is classiffied into two way:-

where as compound data structure is aslo classified into two way
linear and non linear compound data structure.

linear compound D.S is futher classified into three types
1.stalks 2.queues 3.list.

non-linear compound D.S is futher classified into two types
1 tree 2 graphs.

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