Recreating these two screens with  

The purpose of this was to get familiar with Sketch by designing two screens for a fictional travel app that lets people plan trips with friends and share a daily itinerary with activity and location details. The information provided was just a capture of the screens to recreate: the Log In and the Itinerary pages.

Being a Graphic designer, I enjoy recreating artworks from various designers. This really helped me in harnessing my skills. A thorough look at the screens made me realise that all the elements of the pages could be divided into smaller elements and that would be much easier to create. That gave me my first insight: every element on a page/screen, no matter how intricate or elaborate it might appear, can be split into minor elements that are easier to produce, all you need is to carefully analyse them.

Color scheme I used

I decided to go for a similar color scheme, to add a bit of my own style to the replica. Adobe Kuler offers great color harmonies to choose from. I used a lighter shade of pink instead of the hot pink in the original .

Once I realised that everything that I would need could be done with basic shapes, alignment, masking, opacity, Boolean operations, blur and icons, I got on with it.

A great source of vector icons is on Flaticon (you can thank me later😉)

Naming and organising items is very important

I believe every designer should work in a very tidy and efficient way. When creating a design file, you generally start with a blank canvas and a background layer. From there you add text and any number of items until the design is complete. One of the easiest things to do during the process is name each and every layer of your document and then group those layers into folders.

It does take time to name and rename folders as needed when working on a design, but this is a small tradeoff for a well maintained file. The best practice that you can put in place is to name layers as you go. The benefits can be realized immediately, and never quit paying off.

I’ve really enjoyed making this exercise, creating all the elements of a screen and arranging them to match the layout of the image. It helps you get the notion of how little elements combine with others to achieve an elaborate result. I’m a graphic nerd, so searching through Sketch’s typefaces and color schemes has also made my day.

iphone mockup of the cloned screens

This exercise was SUPER fun! LOVED IT! Sketch is really smooth and easy to work with.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.
— Aristotle

Do you work with Sketch on a everyday basis? Do you think Sketch will be there in the long run to design or do you recommend other softwares to do the same things?

Thanks for reading❤️.

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