In addition to opening Photoshop and Illustrator in , you can now also copy and paste from Illustrator to with the same fidelity, as well as import Photoshop and Illustrator documents into an existing document. There are also improvements to SVG export, providing more control over what’s included in the exported SVG.

If you use a device with a touchscreen or you use a Wacom tablet, you’ll find improved support for manipulating objects on the canvas using touch.

For stakeholders reviewing your shared designs or prototypes on mobile devices, we’ve improved the experience, making it easier for them to navigate through your screens. We’re actively working on the ability for stakeholders to comment on mobile, so that will be available in a future update.

XD’s last release introduced third-party plugins, allowing developers to extend XD with exciting new capabilities like designing with real data, automating workflows, quickly applying perspective transforms, and more. With over 80 plugins available for XD already and more launching every week, the XD ecosystem is off to a strong start! But we’re constantly improving the developer platform, and with each new release of XD we aim to offer new capabilities to plugin developers. This month’s XD release enables plugins to store custom data, pan and zoom, create text content, and more. We’re looking forward to seeing what the developer community will create next. Learn more about available plugins.

UX community

We’d love to continue the dialogue! Help us shape the future of Adobe XD by submitting feature requests or file bugs. You can follow our handle @AdobeXD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using #AdobeXD. You can also talk to us using Facebook, where we share videos and updates as well as answer questions during live sessions.


While sharing your prototypes on Behance, don’t forget to tag them with #MadeWithAdobeXD and select Adobe XD under “Tools Used” for the opportunity to be featured in the Adobe XD newsletter.

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