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I am a product owner at a software company and have a team of 2 devs. We have about 20 devs in total at the company spread among various teams. As one of my developers was going to go on vacation (wife was having a baby) , I reached out to the Director of Development to ask for help from a resource within the company to help with reviews. We work on several small items and I didn’t want the peer queue to back up with only one dev working. My team has helped out several other teams throughout the release cycle as well. I contacted him last Thursday. He reached out Saturday and directed the Solutions Architect to assist for this week.

Baby came Sunday.

Tuesday afternoon rolled around and many things were in peer review. I reached out to the architect, and asked for help. He came back and said he could do a general review but didn’t feel comfortable passing the code until the other developer whom is out signed off on it. Without an official pass, I am unable to merge into Dev. Our architect has 15 years experience in C# and the person who he would be reviewing has less than 2 years experience in C#. The person who is in vacation has 5 years experience and primarily in C++. Code is in C# and was mainly just cleaning up on the front end. Turning on and off properties.

I forwarded the conversation about the architect not wanting to sign off on the code reviews to the dev management team as his review has little help to my cause. Dev management came back and said for me to wait the week for the dev to come back.

I reached out again and said that I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get a resource, while my team has been contacted for help several times throughout the cycle. Also added that I didn’t understand why the person who is in charge of breaking down issues for other developers is unable to review small changes with confidence.

Is this wrong of me? Does it sound like I am just being whiney? What’s a good solution for this? I feel like I couldn’t have done more. I asked for help in advance. I was given a solution that didn’t work. So I tried again.

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