After creating and naming your library, you can populate your library with a variety of asset types, including colors, artwork, photos, text styles, brushes, and even direct links to preview artwork from Adobe Stock. As you work in different apps, to your library that will help you and your team design a more cohesive presence for your .

Adding library assets from desktop apps

The library panel in the desktop app features a small plus sign in the lower left corner. When you have an asset selected, such as an imported logo in an InDesign document (shown above), this will activate the plus button in the library panel. Clicking the plus button will add the selected logo into your library as a graphic asset. This will also modify your document to reference the logo directly from your library, instead of the local copy of the file that you had originally imported. This will allow you to automatically update the logo if it is ever modified, ensuring that you are always working with the latest assets.

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