Combining Graphical and Voice Interface for a Better when booking movie tickets.


Voice User Interface(VUI) has more significant effects on our daily lives as the technology of artificial intelligence has developed. As a UX designer working on making better interactions in product development, we asked ourselves how to converge current user interfaces with a conversational assistant.

Such as Echo Show, VUI like smart speakers is being improved with screens as every information on the screen works as part of the context of the conversation. We applied this integrated approach in designing holistic user experience when people reserve movie tickets.

System and User Personas

Part of designing VUI is writing a dialog with a clear picture of who the system and user personas are.

The system persona is the conversational assistant that let users interact with directly through a voice. To make a consistent user experience in the context of booking tickets, we defined the system persona as a ticket office staff that suggests the best options based on customer requirements.

The user persona represents a type of people we expect to use our features. We identified that the user’s context would be in the home and planning to watch movies while browsing contents on the web. The persona hopes to get the best available seats.


To make a familiar , we integrated skills with Netflix in the assumption of what if Netflix provided the movie ticketing service on the web.

Structure of Prototyping

This Prototype is based on VanillaJS and PHP.

  1. User wakes up Alexa by calling skill name and trigger the intent word to ask the certain task.
  2. Amazon Skill server finds the right slot that matches to the user intent word.
  3. Amazon Skill server sends the data back to Echo for the proper feedback speech and to the HTTPS PHP Client Server at the same time.
  4. HTTPS PHP Client Server gets the data from Amazon skill and change the status to react with web-browser.

Designing interfaces

We designed interfaces considering key use cases in the user journey. After a user wakes up Alexa on the Netflix, a user can get help from Alexa with explicit invocations appropriate in the context.

Alexa Wake-up page
Browsing available theaters
Suggesting the best seats to users

Final Prototype

Here is the video of final prototype working in Amazon Skill server. Check this video to see what strong points are in terms of graphical and voice interfaces working together.

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