In mid-October, the Your section of the Creative Cloud website ( and formerly referred to as “ ”) will be updating its navigation to allow for more intuitive access to your Creative Cloud work. With this update, all of your will be consolidated into five main sections where you can view and manage similar types of content within each section. For Adobe Dimension users, in addition to improved organization of your existing creative work, you will also have the new ability to view and manage your 3D scenes.

What’s new about the navigation?

First off, all the Creative Cloud work you accessed previously on will still be available.  We have simply consolidated “Your Work” into sections (such that work with similar behavior and workflows are grouped together). More specifically, the Files section is now where you can find your mobile creations and Creative Cloud desktop-synced files, and the new Published section is where you can find your XD prototypes & specs, as well as your Dimension 3D scenes.

  • Files section: This section houses your creative working documents and source files. This includes your Creative Cloud-synced files, which were already previously available in this section, as well as your mobile creations, which were previously in a separate section. You can toggle across tabs in this section to access the work you are looking for. Please note that we are still working to bring the full mobile creations browsing experience to our new interface — so in the meantime, you will be prompted to visit our old interface to access your mobile creations.
  • Published section: The Published section is where you can find any of your published artifacts or extensions of your Creative Cloud working documents. This includes your XD prototypes and specs, which previously lived in their own section, as well as any Dimension 3D scenes, which are launching in the Your Work section of the Creative Cloud website at MAX. Upon to this section, you will see all of your XD prototypes and specs, and Dimension 3D scenes together by default. Simply adjust the filter to “Prototypes & Specs” or “3D Scenes” to narrow your view accordingly.

What else has changed?

“Your Work” is just one part of the Creative Cloud web experience, and to make it easier for you to access the rest of your Creative Cloud web experience, there is a back button next to the Creative Cloud logo at the top-left of the interface, which takes you to the root level of the Creative Cloud web experience. Here, you can navigate back by clicking on “Your Work” in the navigation menu, or you can browse and check out other Creative Cloud services — such as tutorials — to help jump-start new creative projects and access to the Creative Cloud applications.

Looking forward

This navigational restructure helps set the stage as the Your Work section continues to give you access to your full portfolio of Creative Cloud work. In the coming months, you can expect to see your mobile creations and Creative Cloud Libraries move from our old interface to this newer interface. We will also be growing our efforts on extended collaboration features so that you can productively work with others throughout the creative process.

If you have more questions, check out these resources:

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