Designing a new for your brand

There are always multiple parallel futures vying for social dominance, emerging from corporate visions, science fiction, political parties, countercultures, and more. In all cases, they use design to compete and to thrive. Listen to Leland Maschmeyer, chief creative officer of Chobani, and Brian Collins, CEO/chief creative officer of COLLINS, to find out how they have created a new brand and design operating system based on their work with some of the world’s leading brands. Watch now.

Evolution of Work: How to Put Design at the Forefront of Company Culture

Creating a design-led culture is more than just sprinkling a few more designers across the company. It means democratizing and design in a way that company leadership — and even non-design organizations — embrace and put it at the forefront of overall strategy. Hear from leaders from IBM, Dropbox, and Google describe the profound cultural improvements they’ve observed by prioritizing design. Watch now.

The Future of Experience Design: Beyond the Screen

Today’s designers are challenged like never before to create experiences that are not only accessible and aspirational, but also meet future challenges and opportunities. In this inspirational session, Albert Shum, CVP of design at Microsoft, talked about the experience design industry revolution we are immersed in today, and shares practical advice on creating engagement, building diversity, and the role of AI. Watch now.

Designing Voice User Experiences: A Look at Headspace

Just as mobile design has emerged as one of the most important skills for designers, voice interaction design is becoming the next frontier for design talent. Hear from RAIN, an agency that helps brands build meaningful experiences through voice integrations, and Headspace, a meditation company, discuss why voice design is essential for the user experience. Watch now.

Nordstrom: Connect Creative and Marketing Teams for Better Results

Adobe recently conducted a study that found that the fastest growing S&P 500 businesses were more likely to achieve higher performance and deliver more engaging experiences if they built connections between their creative and marketing technologies. Join Steve Gustavson, Adobe executive creative director, and David Schripsema, Nordstrom design and marketing manager, to find out how Nordstrom has seen great success with connected systems, driving smoother, more efficient collaboration — from content creation to delivery. Watch now.

The future is in creative hands

Creativity and innovation work together to lead the way to a better future. We will continue to build the right tools to help you maximize your creative power and deliver experiences that delight us all. Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise, or follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed about the latest news, product updates, and upcoming events.

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