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If you’re a CrossBrowserTesting user, you may have noticed a few new changes. Behind the scenes, our team is always working hard to make the experience better for you. That’s why we want to share some of the exciting new features, releases, and improvements we’ve been working on this year, as well as some exciting things to come.

As always, feel free to get in contact with us and tell us what you’d like added or what integration would make your life easier. Who knows — you may just be the inspiration for the next product .

10 Browser Releases

Did you know there have been 10 major browser releases in 2018 alone? New browser versions are out all the time, and every change could affect the way your web application works.

We’re dedicated to having the largest selection of browsers, which means we prioritize getting new browser releases to you within 24 hours after their rollout.

Check out our latest additions, and maybe spin up a test or two to make sure your application is working on all the latest versions.

  • Opera 50 & 51
  • Firefox 58 – 60
  • Chrome 64 – 67
  • Edge 17

3 New Real Devices

Additionally, want to make sure our customer have access to popular mobile devices on the market, which is why we’ve made three new real devices available for testing.

Because these aren’t simulators or emulators, you’re getting pinpoint accuracy in your testing, so your results are the same as if you were holding it in your hand.

You can now find the following real devices for testing, plus 3 major OS updates:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8
  • iPhone 8

Record & Replay

We’re so excited to bring a Record & Replay option to so that teams of all technical abilities can get started with automation with no coding knowledge needed.

If you haven’t already heard, Record & Replay is our click-to-script feature that allows you to record the steps on your manual tests once and replay them back on a selection of browsers. This not only makes it much faster and easier for you to perform a test, it eliminates the human error that arises when you’re manually repeating the same test over and over.

And that’s not all — parallel testing lets you select your test suites and play them back at the same time against different browsers, so you can run your tests in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all at once. Talk about a time saver.

If you need more reasons to try Record & Replay, here’s seven of them.


We’ve switched to a new type of streaming to reduce lag and improve the accuracy of your Live Tests with WebRTC. WebRTC is an Open Source project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) that became standard in the last couple years. CrossBrowserTesting has recently upgraded to RTC, which means you should be having better experiences when it comes to testing applications that have videos and other media. You’ll literally be able to see the difference every time you test.

Other Updates

In addition to some of these more noticeable changes, you’ll see a few other updates that should help you out in your day-to-day.

  • Audio in Live Tests – You can now test sites that have videos and music to know whether the sound is working.
  • File Uploads on Mobiles – Now you can test upload functionality on mobile.
  • New Local Connection Chrome Extension – If you’re using local connections, make sure to update.
  • Record & Replay Selector – You can change the selector for Record & Replay, which lets you find an element more reliably during playback.

Performance Improvements

Browsers and devices won’t do you much good if the experience inside the CrossBrowserTesting app isn’t up to par. In addition to new features, the entire CrossBrowserTesting experience is noticeably faster.

Here are a few places you might notice better performance:

  • Reduced recorder launch times by 15 seconds
  • 4 seconds faster Mac Launch times
  • 30 Second iOS Appium Launch times
  • Significantly improved Android screenshot success rate

Coming Up

We’re always thinking about what’s next. We have a few browser and OS updates in the pipeline, as well as real devices like the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, and two TBD tablets. Additionally, we have a few major initiatives coming up as we plan out upcoming features and functions.

Again, make sure to let us know what devices you want to see or integrations that would make your life easier and help streamline your workflow so we can take them into considerations.

You’ll see:

  • 5 Browser Releases
  • 4 New Real Devices
  • 4 Major OS Updates

Major initiatives include:

  • Laying down foundation work to get the latest devices out in a more timely manner and available for Live, Screenshots, and Selenium tests.
  • Queueing Selenium Tests for when you run out of parallel execution time.
  • Faster key and mouse input speed for laggy Android and iOS devices.
  • Continuing to work on R&R and maybe bring to mobile or add screenshots. Record & Replay is still in beta, so we’re looking for suggestions and exploring new ways to improve.

To watch the full webinar that includes all the updates from the first half of the year with Product Manager Joan Liu, check out the recording.

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