A letter to product owners

Dear Product Owner,

I don’t know if you know this, but you’re reading , right now. meant to connect with you and engage you in a conversation. meant to tell you a story.

That’s because I am a writer. Words are my sharpest tools, and any medium is my canvas.

What I do best is champion the need for the right words, that, when written in the most accurate manner, can help connect your product with the consumers its meant to connect with.

I help you tell your story, in its truest sense, starting with the right words.

When I’m brought into a project at the beginning, I can help you shape the story based on your business objectives and goals. When I’m brought in somewhere in the middle, I can help you refine the story, infuse a consistent voice, or even reframe the story — if it feels like there’s a better way to tell it.

Some product owners don’t totally understand why they need to spend money on a writer for their team. And that’s okay. I can help with that too.

Writers work alongside a Strategist, a Architect, and a Visual Designer. We work with Researchers to help uncover better articulations of user experiences based on things real consumers tell us in testing. Writers come in to help shape the story that becomes the backbone of your product. This helps create a consistent voice and tone, and that connective tissue you want to infuse throughout your experience. Because you care about the success of your product, don’t skimp on a writer’s expertise.

And know this — not every writer is “right” for your project. That’s where it can get really confusing, and I can help you figure that out, too. Some writers write microcopy, some write emails, some write blog content and social media content and even advertising copy. There is no one writer who can really do it all — so if they tell you they can, they’re probably lying. Not intentionally lying, per se, because we’re all pretty well-intentioned humans. Maybe they want to take a stab at whatever it is you need — and feel they can figure it out. But it helps to have someone who truly understands the type of content you need — long form, short form, instructional, persuasive — so you can be sure you’ll get the type of communication you truly need for your product.

This is a relatively new idea, bringing writers to the table at the product creation phase. And we’re okay with that. We want to be there.

Still reading?

Great. Just send me the meeting invite, and let’s get started.


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