On the question-and-answer artboard, we can link one of the incorrect answers to the incorrect artboard and specify the action as an overlay as well. If you want to customize the incorrect screen, as in the example above, you’ll need a corresponding artboard for each incorrect answer. If, however, you simply want to indicate the answer as being incorrect, it is possible to reuse the incorrect artboard for each incorrect artboard. We discuss that technique in the webinar below.

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Your responsibilities include more than just print. Email designs, web pages, online galleries, and interactive forms all need your creative eye — and Adobe XD has your back. Learn how this revolutionary application lets you share artwork and typography with InDesignIllustrator, and Photoshop — all while providing amazing capabilities that include repeat grids, reusable symbols, and interactive prototyping.

Join us in this step-by-step recorded webinar that will teach you how to meet the demands of this fast-paced, multidisciplinary design industry with tools that were conceived to help you succeed. We’ll also share how Josh Souter, senior creative director, Adobe Creative Studio, uses Adobe XD CC to design and the website more quickly than ever before.

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